Q. Can I get any other treatment beside orthodontic treatment ?
A. Our clinic is a specialty orthodontic specialty clinic.
If you need any other treatment beside orthodontics, such as tooth decay, tooth extraction, cleaning, or whitening, please take these treatments at a general dental clinic.
Q. Can you recommend any general dental clinic to me ?
A. The dental clinics or hospitals we can introduce you to are located in the Tokyo and Chiba areas. If you don’t have a family dentist, please let us know.
Q. I might be transferred overseas or to another city, what should I do in this situation ?
A. If there are any orthodontists that we know in the area you are transferred to, we will introduce them to you.
If not, please go to the orthodontic clinic nearest you. We will give you your treatment report and data, so that you can continue your treatment at the new dental clinic. And we will also clear any balance for services not yet provided on your payment plan.
Q. Can I get a medical certificate ?
A. A. We can make a medical certificate for patients who require one. Please let the reception staff knows.
Q. Do I have to be careful of my meals ?
A. Please be careful when you eat hard or sticky food.
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