The doctor who will be responsible for your treatment will do the first consultation and examination. The doctor will explain the treatment method and other details, so please feel free to ask any questions. After the check up, we will plan the treatment depending on the patient’s examination results. Then we will make an ideal teeth alignment model (setup model) which is our final goal for your teeth. You can check how your teeth will change in advance.
Each case takes a different amount time and different cost so please consult with us first.
1. First Consultation: about 30 minutes
You can tell us your concerns about the teeth alignment, any worries you have and also your treatment requirements. Our orthodontist will explain the treatment procedure. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask us at this time.
2. Examination: about 1 hour
We will examine the patient’s mouth. This consists of taking photographs of the inside of the mouth, taking X-rays (using with digital X-ray machine), a CT scan, making a model of the upper and lower teeth, and checking the occlusion. Our digital X-ray machine and CT machine are dental low-dose machines, so there is no need to worry about exposure to excessive radiation.
3. Explanation of the treatment plan: 30 minutes ~ 1 hour
We will make the best and shortest treatment plan for you according to the examination result. We will make a dental mold from your teeth, and then go over the specific treatment details and timeframes while showing you the model. Cost and payment methods will also be discussed at this time, so please feel free to ask any questions. We can talk over the details until you are completely satisfied with your treatment plan.
4. Guidance in tooth brushing and oral hygiene: about 1 hour~
Before starting the treatment, it is important that we guide you on how to correctly brush and clean your teeth. The dental hygienist will explain how to brush the teeth correctly, so that during the treatment term you can prevent tooth decay and periodontal disease. Then we will clean your teeth and mouth, and prepare to set the devices.
5. Setting the device: 2 hours
Next we will set the devices.
The device we put in your month is designed to gently guide the teeth into the correct positions. We will put a bracket on each of your teeth, and it will take about 2 hours to apply this. This device will not hurt your teeth or gums.
6. Movement term of the teeth: 1 year ~ 2 and a half years
After the devices have been set, you will have to come back for a check-up every 4~8 weeks. We will adjust the devices at this time. Depending on the specific type of treatment, this may take anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour.
The treatment term depends on the patient’s facial structure and the difficulty of the patient’s teeth alignment. Generally, for the patients who have very crowded teeth, treatment may take 1 year to 2 and a half years. With the newest STb-SL devices, the adjustment time and treatment term have become shorter compared to before. Pain has also been reduced, so the burden on the patients is as low as it’s ever been. We will explain everything in detail during the diagnosis.
7. Maintenance and regular check-up: one and a half years ~ two and a half years
Once the teeth have moved to their correct position, we will remove all the devices and that will be the end of the treatment. After that, to prevent a relapse (the teeth returning to their original positions), we require the patient to use a retainer to maintain tooth alignment. It will take about two years to stabilize tooth alignment. Please come back for a check up every 3~6 months after the devices have been removed. We will check your tooth alignment and occlusion, as well as cleaning your teeth and mouth.
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