The possibility of orthodontic treatment
Teeth before and after treatment
Orthodontics can change tooth alignment dramatically, as you can see. The cases we are going to introduce here are just a small amount of the beautiful teeth alignment we have achieved at E-LINE. Everyone’s mouth is different, therefore the treatment is custom made to fit each patient. It may take time, and sometimes a surgery procedure may be needed. However, we will do our best to follow the patient’s wishes to achieve the best possible result. If you have any concerns please feel free to contact us and ask questions.
By the end of your treatment, you will have a wonderful smile with beautiful teeth, like all the patients we have treated before.
For the patients, treatment always comes with expectations and also anxiety. All the data is controlled by computer and is used for the treatment. Using this data, we can calculate where the ideal face line will be after treatment. The patients can therefore check how their teeth have moved relative to their original condition each and every time they come by.
CASE 1. Crowding (Uneven teeth)
This is a case without extraction of teeth. This depends on the degree of the uneven teeth, but some cases can be treated without removing teeth. This treatment term was 16 months.
CASE 2. Prominent front teeth (buck teeth)
This is a case with extruding only two upper teeth. Now the upper front teeth have a better occlusion with the lower front teeth. This treatment term was 24 months.
CASE 3. Prominent lower teeth
The occlusion of the upper and lower front teeth got switched around. Treatment required 4 teeth to be removed, two each from the upper and lower jaw. Treatment took 26 months.
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