In January 2012 we fully renovated our clinic. Our patients are welcomed into a brand new office, with fully renewed equipment, machinery, and even a new interior design. All of our staff support our patients from and provide the best treatment plans with the most advanced examination machines available.
In our bright new office rooms are partitioned by glass walls. You can relax and undergo treatment with our comfortable and state-of-the-art equipment. Our rooms are constructed to dampen sound, so you can feel secure about your privacy. We decided on these innovations in order to provide our patients with the most comfortable treatment space possible.
We have designed our new clinic so that even the architecture reflects our passions. The wall panels, as well as the roof of our reception area and treatment room, and the spiral stairs are designed to reflect our squire-slot brackets. These panels flatten as you ascend from the first floor to third floor, reflecting the way your teeth will become more and more pristine after your orthodontics treatment.

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We have installed the most cutting-edge treatment machines and equipment. X-ray machines are of course very important for an accurate diagnosis, and they are also needed later to confirm how treatment is progressing. We have set up a special dental low-dose CT machine and a digital X-ray machine in our X-ray room. The dose of radiation is small for a dental X-ray machine, and state-of-the-art digital technology results in a clearer image than with typical machines. In addition, since this machine is digital, it’s not necessary to develop any photographs, which results in a more eco-friendly product. The imagery is processed digitally and can be showed to the patients immediately.
Also we can see finer details not visible in the X-ray in the high quality 3D images produced by our dental CT machine, which help us make the most accurate diagnoses.
We will take photos of the patient’s teeth after each adjustment, and keep these images saved in secure files on our servers for each patient. Patients will be shown the images on a monitor in our clinic as we check the condition of their teeth throughout their treatment term. Any change in tooth alignment will be easily noticeable and you will be able to feel how much progress you’ve made. We encourage you to look forward to undergoing treatment with the expectation that you will come out with a more beautiful smile.
Our imaging system has also been renewed. Now, pictures of the patient’s teeth and his or her examination data are all managed together.
We use the newest machines and methods for sterilization. Our clinic maintains strict controls on disinfection so that the patients can feel safe about undergoing treatment.
All of our cups and aprons for patients are disposable, and we are meticulous in preventing infection in our clinic.
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