Concerning orthodontic treatment
Q. Will any of my teeth be extracted for the orthodontics treatment ?
A. To conduct orthodontics treatment we need space to move your teeth.
In our clinic we will first attempt treatment without extraction (pulling teeth) as much as possible. However, sometimes extraction is a better course of action, considering the balance of your teeth and jaw, or when the teeth are too misaligned.
We will be able to see the balance of your teeth and jaw clearly after taking a CT scan, so we will offer our patients the best treatment method for them after taking an accurate CT examination.
Q. How much pain should I expect from orthodontics treatment ?
A. After the initial adjustment, for a few days you may feel some discomfort similar to clenching your teeth. You may find chewing painful as well. These symptoms will be gone after 3 to 7 days.
Q. How long does it take to get used to the lingual orthodontics devices ?
A. It is different for each person, but generally it takes 2 weeks to get used to the device.
Q. How long does it take to fix misaligned teeth ?
A. Teeth move at different rates for each individual mouth, but in our clinic, we have found that misaligned teeth take about 3-6 months to realign.
And since our lingual devices are invisible, you can see the shape of your teeth improving more quickly than with traditional braces.
Q. Is it possible to only adjust the front teeth ?
A. In some cases we can adjust only the front teeth, while in others we cannot.
Even if it can be partially treated, there is a limited outcome in this case. We can talk about the pros and cons when we see your specific condition.
Q. What are the elastics used for in orthodontics treatment ?
A. To adjust the amount of occlusion, and the midline of the front teeth.
Your treatment term will be shorted with the help of orthodontic elastics.
Q. Can I take the orthodontics treatment if I’ve already had a tooth pulled ?
A. Especially with adults, there are many cases in which the tooth has already been extracted because of tooth decay. When undergoing orthodontic treatment, in order to have enough space to adjust tooth alignment and occlusion, sometimes it is necessary to extract even healthy teeth. As for teeth that have already been extracted, it may be possible that this has created more space for treatment. We would need to confirm this in a consultation.
Q. Can older people undergo orthodontics treatment ?
A. As long as the condition of the teeth, gums and jaw bone are not exceptionally poor, orthodontics treatment is possible at any age. Orthodontics is not only for children. However, because the jaw bone, which serves as the frame of the teeth's alignment, is already fully grown, or because a tooth has been lost due to decay, or because some patients have light periodontitis, performing orthodontic treatment requires a high degree of focus and professional skills.
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