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1. We use a Fixed Charge System, where the treatment fee will be the same even if the number of treatments increase.
First consultation   free
Check-up cost   ¥32,000
Diagnosis   ¥9,000
Cost of partial lingual
orthodontics treatment
Cost of total lingual
orthodontics treatment
 (Use S.T.B.-SL)
The adjustment fee is included in the treatment fee, so there will be no change in the fee due to increases in treatment times and terms. (fixed charge system).
There will be no additional fee for mini implants. Everyting is included in the total amount.
In our clinic we use a fixed charge system in which the treatment fee can be paid at one time. An adjustment fee per session is included so there will be no additional fee during the treatment term.
The total fee will not change even if your treatment term and time increases, so you can undergo the treatment free of worry.
Before your treatment begins, we will show you the total cost of your orthodontics treatment, and will only start the treatment when you`ve been able to consent to the amount.
*The chart on the right side is the cost for general treatment, your actual cost will be a little different depending on the difficulty of your exact treatment.
Please consult with the staff for detailed information.
2.Long Term Interest-Free Payment Plan
The payment term can also be arranged to cover the duration of the treatment (longest possible plan is 48 times payment, combined with bonus). For the installment payment plan patients can decide the monthly amount to pay. Payments will deducted directly from the bank every month on the 6th. This plan is very convenient because there is no need to bring cash for the adjustment each time. More over there will be no installment fee.
For the patients who are paying in installments, because of the recent change in consumption tax, the amount of tax has been changed.

Example Payment:) Invisible lingual orthodontics treatment, active treatment for about 2 years, ¥1,380,000, 48 installments combined with bonus.
First payment: ¥12,000
Monthly installment ¥24,000 × 47 times
Bonus ¥30,000 × 8 times
Total ¥1,380,000
Not including tax.

Example Payment)Invisible lingual orthodontics treatment, active treatment for about one and a half years, ¥1,290,000, 42 installments combined with bonus.
First payment: ¥14,000
Monthly installment ¥26,000 × 41 times
Bonus ¥35,000 × 6 times
Total ¥1,290,000
Not including tax.
3.You can feel certainty with us
If the patient has to cancel their treatment, we will refund the part of their money for the treatments that have not been undertaken. *In some tax offices, orthodontics treatment can be considered a medical deductible.
Though this is a common question, it is different due to the tax office, so please confirm it with your nearest tax office.
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