Benefit 1 :
No need to worry about being stared at by others
Before, metal or clear devices which could easily be seen on the front of the teeth were one of the biggest reasons for some people choosing not to undergo orthodontic treatment. For that reason, even many people who were interested in getting treatment could not commit to starting. In order to meet the needs of patients who want to undergo treatment without letting others know, E-LINE succeeded in making orthodontic treatment invisible by setting the device on the lingual side of the teeth. We have made this our specialty. This method has the same treatment results as traditional orthodontics, and there is no limitation on age for receiving treatment.
In fact, at E-LINE, patients of every age have gotten beautiful teeth without their braces being noticed by their friends and colleagues. To those concerned about the discomfort associated with setting the device in the mouth, please feel at ease. At E-LINE, we self-developed a device that causes less discomfort and with which is easy to talk during use. If you have given up on the idea of getting orthodontics before because of the visibility of the devices, please consult with us today.
Benefit 2 :
Reduce the risk of relapse
Some people have buckteeth, in which the front teeth are rather prominent, often due to the bad habit of pushing on their front teeth with their tongue. When you relax and close your mouth, where is the tip of your tongue? One centimeter back from the root of the upper teeth is where the tip of the tongue lies. If the tip stays here there is no problem, but if the tongue rests further down and touches the upper teeth, it is considered to be pushing on the teeth. You may think that it's unlikely that your teeth can be moved simply by the force of the tongue, but your teeth are balanced on the outside side by your cheeks and lips, and from the inside by your tongue. It is a very delicate balance, and if pressed continuously this balance will break down and the teeth will move. Even after undergoing orthodontics treatment, if the tongue continues to press against the teeth the risk of relapse will increase.
We count on our lingual-side orthodontics device to help break this habit. While aligning the teeth correctly, the bad habit of pushing on your front teeth is also corrected: this can reduce the risk of relapse after the device is removed.
Benefit 3 :
A perfect smile for your wedding
Invisible orthodontic treatment is also good for important events such as weddings. There will be no need to worry about people seeing your braces. With invisible orthodontics, even while undergoing treatment you can arrange your wedding without delay.
We also recommend invisible orthodontics to people who do strong exercise, such as judo or soccer. During activities like these, labial devices (on the lips side of the teeth) might cause injury to the mouth if they receive a shock from a ball or another player, but with invisible orthodontics there is no such concern. For those sports that come with a risk of accident and injury, we can say that invisible orthodontics is safer than traditional devices. When playing the trumpet, the flute, or the clarinet, traditional labial devices may cause inconvenience, but with invisible orthodontics the musician can play as usual.
Benefit 4 :
Prevent tooth decay
It is no exaggeration to say that preventing tooth decay is the key to successful treatment. Invisible lingual orthodontic treatment has the merit of preventing tooth decay in comparison to traditional orthodontic treatment. Therefore it can also be called a less risky treatment method for the patients. If by any chance tooth decay does form, it is possible with our invisible method to treat the decay by filling it in. This is not always possible with traditional labial-side treatments. Why can lingual orthodontics prevent tooth decay? A big influence is because your saliva continuously moistens the lingual side. Tooth decay-causing bacteria is breeding and activating in dental plaque, but the saliva which is always moistening the surface of the back of your teeth helps prevent the plaque from sticking to the teeth. By preventing the bacteria from activating there, our invisible device is positioned in an ideal place to help us prevent tooth decay. Saliva also has the function of thinning the acid produced by bacteria. Specifically speaking, it serves the very useful function of neutralizing the acid and maintains the PH balance in the mouth. With the cleansing help of your saliva, our lingual orthodontics will help prevent tooth decay.
Benefit 5 :
the most suitable method for children
Kids are very reluctant to get braces. When they reach puberty, they are increasingly concerned about how they look to others. But if their device is invisible there will be no such concern at all. Also, as the device is on the lingual side there will be no need to worry about device-related sports injuries, which we can say is quite a relief for parents.
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