With the motto of everything for the patients, E-LINE has been working on lingual orthodontics, which is more comfortable and causes less of a burden. Since we opened we have worked as a team to consistently put our patients first. We have earned our patients' trust, and as a result E-LINE has become the name in lingual orthodontics.
E-LINE Is a Specialty Clinic for Lingual Orthodontics
E-LINE was opened in 1983 in Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture, as Takemoto Orthodontic Dentistry. In order to respond to the wishes of patients who “would prefer an inconspicuous device” or who “wanted to undergo treatment without anyone else knowing about it,” we have from the beginning focused on lingual orthodontic treatment, as well as on independent research and development. Despite there having been almost no clinical cases in Japan at that time, we were able to perform lingual orthodontic treatment successfully.
In 1988, E-LINE, the first specialty lingual orthodontics clinic in Japan was opened in Nishiazabu, Minato Ward, Tokyo. Until that time a dream, lingual orthodontic treatment has become a widespread practice. In order to make a better high-level treatment environment, we moved to our current office in Kudanshita, Chiyoda Ward, and have been striving to help our patients get better smiles ever since. In 2012 we celebrated our 15th anniversary of the opening of our Kudanshita clinic with a major renovation. We now welcome our patients with the most modern equipment and with a fresh, modern environment.
E-LINE Is a Reliable Brand for Lingual Orthodontics
We have been practicing lingual orthodontics for 30 years, and in that time have treated over 7,000 patients. E-LINE is trusted as the best provider in lingual orthodontics, and has consistently been the forerunner of lingual orthodontic cases in Japan since opening our doors. When we first opened, lingual orthodontics was not yet widespread throughout the world, and the technology of the industry at that time was not especially advanced. Because of that, our director Dr. Kyoto Takemoto became engaged in the development of an ultra-thin and ultra-small lingual orthodontic device and system which is currently being used worldwide, especially in Western countries. This device—STb—is now in widespread use as the world standard in lingual orthodontics.
E-LINE Is a 100% Lingual Orthodontic Treatment
Even for very difficult cases, E-LINE performs treatment from the lingual (towards the tongue) side of the teeth 100% of the time. Even if you have been rejected from other clinics, please feel free to arrange a consultation with us. Our clinic’s lingual orthodontics system uses our own independently developed devices, which helps us in our efforts to reduce the physical burden on our patients as much as possible. Since our device reduces the friction between the wire and the device as much as possible, the patient's teeth can be moved with less force than ever before. This results in features such as a shortened treatment term and alleviation from pain during treatment, so we have been able to create a previously unheard of degree of comfort in orthodontic treatment.
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