E-line’s Original treatment system
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With the distribution of ALIAS, patients can also get treatment from other clinics, but having the best bracket alone is not enough to ensure good treatment results.
At our clinic we are able to reach the greatest limits of the ALIAS system through our clinics unique treatment system which focuses on ‘highly skilled technicians’, ‘a treatment plan based on the most accurate diagnosis’, and ‘the most accurate bonding of the devices’, and by doing so we can achieve the most beautiful teeth alignment for our patients.
The highest technique
• Every Member of Our Staff Is an Expert in Lingual Orthodontics
Doctor Kyoto Takemoto, considered the foremost figure of invisible orthodontic treatment, was the first to invent a number of invisible orthodontics techniques and is a world-leader in research and development in the field. Starting with Dr. Takemoto, each member of our staff is a highly-trained expert in 「ALIAS」lingual Orthodontics system.
E-LINE has consistently been the forerunner of lingual orthodontic cases in Japan since opening our doors and maintains the highest level of treatment.
Accurate diagnosis
• Safe treatment realized using high quality 3-D CT scans
As CT imagery can be seen in 3-D, we can see the relative positions of the teeth and bones, and can also check the thickness of the bones in detail. These scans give us more information than 2-D X-rays, and so they allow us to make much more accurate diagnoses. We can thus make treatment plans fully knowing the condition of the roots of the teeth; this makes it possible to control the risks associated with dental operation. 3-D CT imagery can also show the size of the trachea (windpipe), which will help us make safe and secure treatment plans for snorers and patients who suffer from sleep apnea.

• Discussion amongst all doctors on staff
In order to create the best treatment plan for each of our patients every one of our patients' treatment plans is individually decided upon in a doctor’s meeting with Doctor Takemoto.
Accurate positioning of the bracket
• Position of the bracket is the key to a successful treatment
To decide where to set up the bracket on the tooth is very important for making the tooth move smoothly. In order to make the bracket fit the individual patient’s tooth, we use custom-made lingual orthodontics devices which we build in our clinic. 

• Specialist resident lingual orthodontic dental technicians
Making the brackets fit each individual patient’s mouth, and the technique for setting up the bracket is the key to realizing beautiful teeth alignment. In most other clinics, the setup model is normally made by placing an order with an outside laboratory; however, at E-line we have built a specialist dental technician laboratory inside our clinic. With doctors and dental technicians able to take the time to communicate closely and check and re-check their work any number of times, an extremely high degree of accuracy in the finished setup model is guaranteed.
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