In March of 2013 we had been opened for 30 years and have helped more than 7000 patients achieve beautiful teeth alignment and wonderful smiles. We have worked on the treatment from lingual side from the beginning of the clinic and have contributed to the development of devices and system, and working on popularizing lingual orthodontics treatment. The track of E-LINE from the beginning of the Takemoto Orthodontic Dentistry until now can truly be called the history of Japan lingual orthodontics.
In last year the renewal of our office has caused the patients inconvenience. In January of 2013 we welcomed our patients with new machines and new equipment, and also a new interior design. To provide the best service and the most suitable treatment, all of our staff are working with a fresh mind.
Takemoto Orthodontic Dentistry has been open for over 30 years, and has helped more than 7000 patients to get beautiful teeth alignment and wonderful smiles. And the devices have significantly improved, this was achieved to provide treatment with far less burden and more comfort. We have been working on lingual orthodontics treatment from the beginning and have contributed for the development of the devices and system.

In year 1983 Takemoto Orthodontic Dentistry was opened in Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture, in order to respond to the patients’ wishes, we started the treatment from the lingual side. In year 1988, E-LINE opened in Nishiazabu, Minato Ward, Tokyo., as the first lingual orthodontics specialty clinic in Japan. We have made lingual orthodontics our specialty and been working on achieve the high quality treatment and skills.

In 2000, we started to develop our own orthodontic devices, and developed a device which was as this and as small as possible in order to create a less uncomfortable device ‘S.T.b’, (Sucuzzo.Takemoto. bracket), this is now sold through Ormco, America. This device was a cooperative project by Dr. Takemoto and his good friend, Italian orthodontist Dr Scuzzo.
With benefit of moving the teeth more easily, more aesthetically, and being easy to use, this device has been supported by orthodontic clinics around the world, and has now become a standard of lingual orthodontics device. In 2009, we developed a new device called ‘STb-SL’. We arranged a development team and achieved the new device, it is another E-LINE Takemoto Orthodontics Dentistry original device. In the old lingual orthodontics setup, the wire which through the slot had to be bent to each tooth by a ligature wire. In STb-SL device, we succeeded in creating a device which does not require ligature wires.
This reduces the friction between the wire and the bracket, and allows the teeth to move to the right position more effectively. The time needed to change the wires is reduced because there is no bending of the wire, and the discomfort to patients’ mouths has also been reduced. The force applied to the teeth from the braces has been reduced to between 1/5 to 1/10 of what it had previously been, so it has become possible to use thinner wire and to undergo treatment with less pain.

The slot can be said to be the best part of ‘ S.T.b.-SL’. In the original setup it was made in a rectangular shape, we broke the rules and instead made it square shaped. The spaces between the wire and the slot become equal with respect to the horizontal and vertical axes. This helps us make tooth movement more efficient and controlled. We have used this device in our clinic for more than 3 years and achieved great outcomes through it.
We have already gotten the patent in Japan and Europe, and have applied for a patent in America and China and are presently waiting for the result. In the near future, we will sell the [S.T.b] to the world through Ormco.
We are also expecting the square slot will be used as standard in the labial orthodontics devices (where the brackets are attached to the lip side of the teeth) as well as in lingual orthodontics. This system has a strong merit.
From a rectangular to a square slot, we are sure the device with this new idea of square slot will be the next generation devices that will spread across the world. We would like to show the concept of [S.T.b-SL], we designed our office with the shape of square slot and round wire in mind. If you see the ceiling from the first floor to the third floor, you may find something interesting. The ceiling is covered by square shaped panels, on the first floor it is done so quite unevenly, on the second floor it is more equal, and on the third floor it is flat. This shows the step of the teeth during the orthodontic treatment towards getting beautiful teeth. We have a design which shows the concept of the treatment in our office, so please have a look.
Medical treatment must be done under a coordinated team, in our hospital we share the system and information amongst our team and always work to achieve a better outcome. We will not stop developing the system and device will continue provide the patients with better treatment.
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