Orthodontics treatment steps
Q. How long does it take from first consultation to having the devices set in my mouth ?
A. After the first examination and consultation, subsequent examination, diagnosis, and the time needed to prepare the device, it will take 2-3 months until we can set the device on your teeth.
For patients who have upcoming events such as graduations, coming-of-age ceremony, weddings, work, et cetera, please let us know.
Q. I want to know the specific steps involved up to setting the device in my mouth.
A. In our clinic, from your first examination and consultation until we set the devices, we go through the following steps:
First consultation → examination → diagnosis→ cleaning → taking a model of your teeth for making devices → and finally setting the device.
Q. Is it better to have the fillings or tooth decay completely dealt with before I start orthodontics treatment ?
A. It is possible to perform an examination with a fillings or tooth decay. It will be no problem for your orthodontic treatment, as long as you can finish treatment on these problems before we start to make a model of your teeth for making the devices.
Please note that for the purposes of your orthodontics, a filling will considered a temporary tooth. After orthodontic treatment is finished, please make arrangements to get a new filling which will fit well with your new occlusion.
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