After the STb

Director developer Takemoto of STb developed an unprecedented ultimate lingual orthodontic treatment device.
In 2015, Please try it.

More certain control of the teeth becomes possible

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As the bracket can be opened or closed tooth movement becomes smoother.

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By using a straight wire that is not indented comfortable treatment can be received.

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A message from Dr. Takemoto, developer of the ALIAS system
Since beginning lingual orthodontic treatment in 1983, and so having participated for many years in this treatment, since 1995 we have independently carried out various lingual orthodontic designs and developments. In 2011 the prototype model which was to become ALIAS, the STb-SL, was developed and so far over 1800 people have been treated with it, subsequently the name was changed to ALIAS and the American company Ormco started to sell it.
Especially, ALIAS is a device to overcome the flaws in lingual orthodontic treatment that existed with previous treatment systems, and I expect there to be more developments in the world of lingual orthodontic treatment in the future.
Square slot (an E-line patent)
• The world's first-ever lingual bracket system. From rectangle to square slots.
The slot is the place where the arch wire passes through. The original setup including, the labial ones, were made with a rectangular shape. But, by breaking the rules and making the slot square shaped has enabled us to achieve better outcomes.

• Accurate control leads to beautiful alignment
When the slot is square the space between the wire and the slot (play) become equal in respect to both the horizontal and vertical axes, which make controlling the wire easier in any direction in 360 degrees; this helps us by making tooth movement more efficient. Further, it means that we can control tooth movement accurately in 3D and produce a more beautiful and accurate outcome.
Self-ligating Bracket
• Relief from pain and smooth tooth movement by utilizing gentle force
By using a bracket with a cap, there is no need to use elastics or fine wire to bind the wire to the bracket. This reduces the friction between the wire and bracket as much as possible. The setup, without a binding wire and with a cap to reduce friction, is called the Self-Ligating Bracket. With less friction it is possible to employ weak forces and the tooth can be made to move much more smoothly and quickly. As a result, pain is greatly reduced during treatment. This system greatly reduces pain and helps us move the tooth more easily.

• The world's first Passive Self-ligating Bracket
ALIAS's Passive Self-ligating Bracket prevents the slot from deformation, and reduces friction considerably. Through this passive ligation system it has become possible to reduce the friction to the smallest possible amount.
The Lingual Straight Wire System (E-line patent)
• No need for complex wire bending (adjustments)
In lingual orthodontic treatment in other clinics, it is necessary for the doctors to add complex bends to the wire. There are various techniques needed to bend the wires, and the treatment speed and outcome can differ significantly depending on the techniques used by the individual dentist.
In E-LINE, because we use the straight wire method that does not require complex bends treatment advances in both a rational and a simple manner.

• Maintains comfort and stays clean in the mouth.
By using wires which do not require complex bends your tongue will feel more comfortable and your initial difficulties speaking will soon improve. Further, brushing your teeth is also easy so you will easily be able to maintain good oral hygiene throughout your treatment.
Through ALIAS the image of lingual treatment is changing!!
Do you think that lingual orthodontics will not lead to a beautiful treatment, will take a long time, will hurt and will make it difficult for you to speak??
ALIAS is a new device which will overturn all of these images for you.
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